• Luxon and Willis

    Christopher Luxon was, presumably, in his day a dab hand at airline schedules, but he is obviously a little less competent when it comes to running a country. There is a world of difference between focussing on the single objective of the bottom line when running a trading company and facing all of the complex challenges when trying to run a country.

    We are now seeing evidence that the National party and Luxon himself are beginning to recognise his lack of experience and his lack of understanding of how challenging the political world can be. What is that evidence? It is that we are seeing more and more of Luxon’s deputy, Nicola Willis, when it comes to the more difficult interviews – not that she seems any better equipped than her leader when asked to clarify National’s policy on the more complex issues.

    Willis for Luxon, in other words, is not necessarily an improvement. She seems, just as much as Luxon, to lack confidence in the policy she is asked to explain. One sign of her lack of confidence is the bright red lipstick she chooses to wear – presumably in order to make her mark and to conceal and compensate for her insecurity.

    Voters will no doubt register these deficiencies in National’s leaders when it comes to electing those claiming to be ready to lead the country.

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