• Prince Harry’s Problem

    What is it with Prince Harry?. Most of us would probably acknowledge that he has a legitimate cause for complaint at the way he and his wife have been treated by the British media. But there is more to it than that. Harry seems to harbour resentment against the media all right but against his own family as well.

    What is the basis of that resentment? If the title of his book is anything to go by, the issue that sticks in his craw is that he is the “spare” while his older brother is the “heir”.

    But it is hard to see that this fact alone can really be the reason for such an obvious sense of grievance. Being the second-born, after all, is just a fact of life – an accident of birth – the same accident of birth that brought him into the royal family in the first place.

    He should surely have substantial reason to celebrate the accident of birth that delivered to him all the wealth, status and privilege that he enjoys by virtue of his royal birth. Why does the grievance outweigh the celebration?

    Has he thought how tough the accident of birth might have been for those many who were born into families of no-hopers, and whose life chances were blighted as a consequence? We are, after all, all accidents of birth; most of us do not stamp our feet and look around for someone to blame, merely because we did not win a top prize in the lottery.

    Sad though it is to make such a judgment, Harry is nothing more than a spoilt baby – not satisfied with the large helping of ice cream he has been given, and jealous of an older brother who has more. Grow up – and suck it up, Harry!

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  1. Jeremy Callaghan says: January 10, 2023 at 10:13 amReply

    The true value of observations like yours (and like Polly Toynbee’s) is the time they save in not having to read about the spoilt brat and his awful family in the first place.

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