• Matthew Hooton

    Matthew Hooton is that rare commodity – a right-wing commentator who is worth reading.

    His article in today’s Herald is a case in point. Apart from a somewhat tendentious definition of “wokery” – a pejorative term often unthinkingly applied to attitudes best described as “concern for others” – his piece is a triumph of good sense. It is a salutary experience for everyone to read someone they expect to disagree with and to discover that they can find common ground.

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  1. sumsuch says: April 29, 2023 at 10:10 pmReply

    You answered my query. Anti-wokery infects the two main ‘Left’ blogs. Which disappoints me a lot. ‘The Standard’ is rogernomic to this day so not including it.

    In the day I thought you were our Corbyn or Sanders. Sorry, very sorry, you didn’t take up that standard. Things matter. Your input though still matters a lot. A comment about those blogs would help.

    Matt Hooten is affectionately known by the Left for his humanness, openness. A survivor from the Whaleoil era of nastiness — he told people intent on abuse the address of Nicky Hager. He maintained climate change denial far too late. But he is human. Which you don’t get much from talkers for the powerful.

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