• Missing In Action

    The National party’s strategists (for which, read “The Herald’s editors”) seem to have decided that their only chance of electoral success is to prick the bubble of Jacinda’s popularity; so, we are treated today to a lengthy exposition in the Herald of the thesis that Jacinda “is not the Messiah” but is instead “a crafty politician”. In support of this shocking revelation, a good deal of time is spent on the Prime Minister’s supposed religious beliefs and on her Mormon upbringing.

    This is all produced to back up yesterday’s report – lovingly detailed by the Herald – of criticism of, and surprise at, New Zealand’s lockdown and elimination strategy in the world’s media. I have no doubt that there is such criticism; political leaders around the world are no doubt sick of hearing how well we have done under Jacinda’s leadership and will be enjoying a good deal of schadenfreude at the outbreak of the delta variant.

    Jacinda will no doubt respond to these assaults with her customary good humour and good sense. She will take the accusation that she is “a crafty politician” on the chin, comforting herself with the thought that, if doing the right thing is “crafty”, then she will plead guilty.

    But, when the smoke clears, and we have got through the current crisis, the Herald will have to ask itself “where were we when the going got tough?” I hope and believe that they will be embarrassed by the answer they are compelled to give – “we were missing in action”.

    Bryan Gould
    24 August 2021

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