• The True Cost

    It is hard to take seriously the voices of those currently asserting that Brexit has come with a considerable economic cost. Where were those voices at the very beginning of what became the Brexit saga, when we were assured that membership of what was then the Common Market would produce great economic benefits to the UK?

    There were some of us who warned at the outset that paying twice – as both taxpayers and consumers – for expensive Common Agricultural Policy food, while at the same time closing our market to efficiently and cheaply produced food from the Commonwealth, and opening our manufacturing industry up to tariff-free competition from German manufacturing was a recipe for disaster. We also declined to accept the constant assurances that there was no intention or possibility of the Common Market metamorphosing into a European super-state.

    What a pity that those now happy to make a conclusive and damning judgment of Brexit should have stayed silent while the whole imbroglio was developing!

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