• The Virus, Not The Government

    I wonder if Mike Hosking ever reads the paper in which he appears so regularly? If he does, he might have noticed a report in today’s Herald about the problem that could face churches in Auckland if a vaccine passport becomes mandatory for those wishing to attend church services.

    The chair of the Auckland Church Leaders Group, Jonathan Dove, is reported to have said that the issue placed the churches in some difficulty, but “that’s because of the virus, not the government.”

    Such calm common sense is clearly beyond Hosking, whose across-the-board hostility to the government leads him to treat every multifarious and adverse intrusion of the virus into our daily lives as brought about by the failings of the government.

    It is comforting to realise that so many of our community leaders have a better understanding of the issues that face us than do some of our supposedly well-informed (and paid) commentators.

    Bryan Gould
    8 September 2021

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