• Important People

    The Herald has returned to form with a vengeance. In today’s issue, Barry Soper snipes at Jacinda’s handling of her regular press conferences. It seems that she did not give him an early chance to ask his very important question and took no account of his need to depart immediately in order to host his equally important radio show. These Prime Ministers! Don’t they know who are the important people around here?

    And someone called Jamie Mackay apparently woke up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea for an article that would suit the Herald down to the ground. When he woke up and started to write it, he seems to have realised that – once having said what the idea was (the drawing of a parallel between Jacinda Ardern and Ian Foster) – there was not a lot more to say. But that didn’t stop the Herald from publishing it.

    And there was a “blast” (the Herald’s own term) from Duncan Garner about home isolation. All in all, about par for the course.

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