• Luxon’s Undoing

    Even right-wing commentators have, over recent days, and jusrifiably enough, been taking the National leader, Christopher Luxon, to task. They have lambasted him over his soft-shoe shuffle over abortion, for bad-mouthing New Zealand business while he was overseas, and for pretending to be in Te Puke while he was actually on holiday in Hawaii.

    The critics had every reason to be critical, but they nevertheless seem to have missed the real significance of Luxon’s shortcomings. They have lamented the fact that his lack of judgment may have reduced the chances of a National victory at the next election. But the real reason to take note of Luxon’s failings is because of what they tell us about the sort of Prime Minister he would make and raise the question of whether he is even fit for that high office.

    For Luxon to demonstrate his lack of judgment and probity in this way is bad enough for a Leader of the Opposition – the only ones to suffer are his party and supporters. But for a Prime Minister to show similar weaknesses is worrying for all of us. Mistakes such as these could have a major impact on the lives of all of us and on our country as a whole.

    The only comfort is that he has demonstrated his deficiencies in time for us to take the action needed to avoid being affected by them.

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