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    Poor Mike Hosking. He has revealed himself in his most recent diatribe to be one of those public figures who is defined, not by who he is, but by who he isn’t, or at least not by what he is for, but by what he is against.

    Jacinda’s departure has left him bereft of anything distinctive to say – to the extent that he is reduced to quoting none other than his wife, Kate Hawkesby, to back up his claim to superior insight. With Jacinda gone, Hosking is nothing more than yet another of NZME’s stable of right-wing automatons, predictably and always taking a right-wing stance on whatever issue presents itself.

    You need a new point of difference, Mike. You could start by acknowledging the misogyny that lay behind much of the criticism directed at Jacinda.

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  1. Ken Rossiter says: February 2, 2023 at 1:16 pmReply

    I have never seen a more useless person in all my many long years as Hosking
    He does nothing but critize the Labour Party and that of the Left in general.

    He has never done a day’s work in his miserable life and as long as he has an employer prepared to put up with him,, he will remain.

    This is similar to which I posted on Stull this morning, but as usual Stuff choose not to publish.

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