• Move Over Christopher?

    Could it be that confidence in Christopher Luxon’s ability to revive National’s fortunes is, even at this early stage, beginning to fade? Concerns have already been expressed about his failure to build upon the small post-Collins boost in National’s poll ratings and his inability (as the jargon has it) to “cut through” to the uncommitted voter.

    Now, we have had, in yesterday’s Herald, a somewhat fulsome article about his deputy, Nicola Willis. She is a politician whose main point of difference and distinction in the eyes of most Kiwis is the bright redness of her lipstick; yet the Herald touts her as a future leader and speculates as to whether she might “do a Jacinda” and arrange for her leader to move over one day (or perhaps soon)?

    One way or another, it seems unlikely on this evidence that National’s leadership travails are over just yet.

    Bryan Gould

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