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    Today’s issue of the Herald is a classic. There is, as is always to be expected, the usual swathe of anti-government commentators – in this case, John Roughan, Claire Trevett, Steven Joyce, but – surprisingly – no report or comment on the resignation from the front bench of National MP, Barbara Kuriger, on the ground of her conflict of interests. The only reference to that matter is an invitation to watch and listen to Christopher Luxon speaking on the subject. From the Herald itself, no comment. Their political commentators, so free with their opinions on other subjects, have nothing to say; the only information we are permitted is what the National leader deigns to tell us.

    This is surely carrying political bias to extreme levels. The Herald’s probity and accuracy on political matters is now so seriously undermined as to constitute a significant threat to our democracy.

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  1. Gerard O'Connor says: October 19, 2022 at 7:40 amReply

    The media difficulty is compounded by a dual attack on government by the Herald and the radio station Newstalk ZB (Hosking, Hawkesby, Woodham,) who are speaking to and for their business advertisers. Their discourse constitutes nothing more than rants and generates an echo chamber. Nowhere is there any balanced analysis of the government’s attempts to democratise health opportunities or three waters reform, which are dismissed as the ideology of a left of centre government. Pathetically, in a kind of schoolboy misogyny, Ardern and Mahuta are dismissed because New Zealanders have an antipathy for women as decision makers. Business interests and misogyny, unmitigatedly mirrored in the media, control our democracy.

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