• Prime Ministerial?

    Most people seem to think that politicians are a species apart, and they do not understand that politicians are just people like the rest of us. They share the same sentiments and prejudices, the same strengths and weaknesses. In any given situation, if we were to feel downcast or elated, disappointed or satisfied, so too would politicians.

    A case in point is David Seymour, the Act leader. He made his name (such as it is) as the “cheeky chappy” of New Zealand politics, (although, to be fair, he also earned kudos for his work on the euthanasia issue), but he then discovered that he rated above Judith Collins in the preferred Prime Minister stakes – (which you may not think is much of an achievement) – but it has rather gone to his head.

    We now see a David Seymour who seems to feel obliged, if he is to justify his new-found status, to come up with a snappy phrase or dig at the government – or to appear Prime Ministerial – on a twice-weekly basis; it may take him a little time to realise that this serves merely to make him seem even more lacking in the necessary gravitas than may be the case. Even politicians cannot defy harsh reality.

    Bryan Gould
    2 September 2021

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