• The Dirty Leak

    So now we know, beyond all doubt.  The National party has no interest in joining the “team of five million” in our fight against the pandemic but its priority is to take every opportunity it can to damage the government.

     The cynicism is breathtaking.  It was prepared to leak the private details of Covid 19 sufferers so that it could lambast the government for doing what it had just done itself.

    Are we justified in blaming the National party itself or was this indefensible act just a piece of “private enterprise”?  Well, Hamish Walker is a National MP and no National insider is more inside than Michelle Boag – a former party President and still a significant eminence grise.

    And how much did the party’s Health spokesperson know of the shameless manoeuvre?  Michael Woodlouse (oops, a bit of a typo there!) was quickly off the mark to put the knife into the government.

    And this is Todd Muller’s National party.  Did Hamish Walker take his lead from his leader and pursue what he understood to be party strategy – that is, to attack the government at every opportunity, whether justified or not?

    Is that whirring sound we can hear that of chickens coming home to roost?

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