• Waking Up to Reality

    Poor Mike Hosking! By his own admission, he lives in a world of his own imaginings. And the issue that occupies those imaginings is, he says, by what margin will Labour lose the next election?

    He seems to have passed beyond the world of fact and to be preoccupied with his own wish fulfilment. So badly does he want to see the demise of the Labour government that he can see it, he lives it, he can taste it!

    We must worry about his mental stability and emotional equilibrium; how will he handle an election result that, if the polls are right about the doubts that the voters have about Christopher Luxon, will mean that Jacinda Ardern is returned to Premier House?

    Waking up to reality can be a painful experience.

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  1. Ben says: August 29, 2022 at 12:57 amReply

    I completely agree. If you look at the preferred Prime Minister polls, which are usually a better prediction of these things than party polling, Ardern is well ahead of Luxon. Hoskin is a victim of his own wishful thinking.

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